About Us

OTA Group Health's name origins from the word "Cure". Means treatment by using the plant's leaves or roots to cure illness.

• OTA offer a quality of the services with scientific approach, that take part in the first of our service orientation.
• OTA aiming to contribute to the development of medical applications, and uses the highest level of the international field of medicine to health care provider.
• Excellence oriented, trustworthy, healthy life partner.

• OTA offers preventive and curative health services to the community at an advanced level, offers high quality and economically accessible conditions.
• All of the specialized health services OTA offers are on the highest level the medicine has reached. OTA are reliable, patient-centered and the patient and employee safety is our first priority. We are a leading organization to show respect for patients' rights and constantly improving itself to be better.

Our Values
• Honesty
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• The patient and employee satisfaction
• Excellence
• Quality

OTA & Jinemed Hospital:

The foundations for OTA Health Group was first established with OTA Medical Center in 1993. OTA Medical Center, started with outpatient diagnostic and treatment services, in four branches (Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology). OTA Medical Center was started together by a few doctors. With time OTA expanded headcount, working time and started to give services in all branches. Social Security and Private insurance agreements by our medical center has increased the number of incoming patients every day, in 2013 OTA joined the forces together with Jinemed Hospital and started to give service under the name OTA&Jinemed Hospital. Preventive Medicine practice and with the comfortable hospital "Evidence Based Medicine" philosophy, with the principle 'patient satisfaction oriented staff' OTA & Jinemed Hospital has developed leading practices in the industry. Aiming to give patients from all of society, the health care of the highest quality. In our hospital with our specialist doctors, professional team and our modern diagnostic methods carries a service philosophy, that care about your health as much as your self. All of the services we offer to you are in accordance with this philosophy, with a robust and reliable methods who is accepted internationally. Social Security Institution (SSK, Bagkur, the Pension Fund), and we work with all the Private Health Insurance.

OTA Esthetic Clinic:

Started with a small unit based on obesity in OTA Medical Center and separated building in 1996, then started giving service under the name OTA Beauty Centre. OTA Beauty Centre has pioneered many services in their own area. Examples of services performed by us first time in the business; The first ultrasound was used to display the cellulite and the first company who started ready diet food with using by the dose diet program.
In our center we have dermatologist doctor, medical aesthetics professionals, dietitians, beauticians and fitness instructors, to give you the best service in esthetics and beauty. Our Institution are serving in all branches of Esthetics and beauty and will help you uncover your inner beauty and effective solutions, with our applications you can now return to your daily life after the operations are carried out. With our latest technology equipment, we follows the latest trends in health and beauty area to give our clients an optimal solution, we have made it our primary goal.

Ota Medical Travel:
The last member of the OTA Medical Health Group was established in August 2014 under the name OTA Medical Travel, to giving service in international health tourism. We aim to provide the highest quality service to Middle East, Balkans and the rest of Europe with the most affordable prices and in a comfortable process.



OTA Medical Center, started to serve with the four branches. (Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology Department)


OTA Beauty Centre, is separated from the OTA Medical Center. Moved to another building, with two dietitians and two doctors as a new institution (Family Doctor and Dermatologist) started to serve with the staff.


OTA Beauty Center has pioneered many issues in Turkey. One of this is Ultrasound was used to display cellulite. In a short time, when "obesity" is mentioned, OTA Beauty Center has become one of the first company that comes to mind.


OTA Beauty Centre, started the Dose diet concept and has brought to a different approach to weight loss process in Turkey. The company has been prepared diet meal with the first dose menu and started serving it out.


OTA Medical Center, negotiated with all private health insurance companies, foundations, banks and completes agreements. In addition to this, OTA Medical Center begin to do check-ups at many large companies abroad.


OTA Medical Center makes a deal with the SSI in all branches. Begins to give all medical reports.


Health Transformation Project of the Ministry of Health, as a result of changes to the name of OTA Beauty Center to OTA Polyclinic.


OTA Medical Center goes in with 50% partnership of Jinemed Fulya Hospital and transported all employees to one hospital. Thus, begins to serve under the name OTA & Jinemed Hospital from May 2013.


New member is established under OTA Health Group and starts to serve in medical tourism with OTA Medical Travel to bring patients from Middle East, Europe and Balkan region. Thus, continues to be a more powerful company by adding a third institution.